02-25-2018 Sunday
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The systematic knowledge-sharing database service

An open,systematic platform to share successful cases on poverty from both China and the internation conmmunity.Applying the tree diagram,cases are presented in different categories under a clear structure.The platform provides documents on government policies and laws in poverty reducion.It also allows users to contribute and upload cases with standardized templates.

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  • Hunan restaurant employing disabled opens

  • Symphony in rural China: from poor village to musical Utopia

  • Wushi, where rural development meets modern, happy and green ideas

  • China to train farmers as part of agricultural sector reform

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  • World Bank Gives a Push to Cote d’Ivoire to Increase the Coverage of Early Childhood Nutrition

  • Government of Nepal and UNDP launch programme to boost farmers’ income through cooperative market chain

  • Ethiopian senior citizens weave their way out of poverty, loneliness in a care centre

  • Five Reasons why Haiti should invest in Resilient Cities