05-23-2018 Wednesday
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The systematic knowledge-sharing database service

An open,systematic platform to share successful cases on poverty from both China and the internation conmmunity.Applying the tree diagram,cases are presented in different categories under a clear structure.The platform provides documents on government policies and laws in poverty reducion.It also allows users to contribute and upload cases with standardized templates.

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  • Angry River's tough fight against extreme poverty

  • Minning’s “relocation village” model could be replicated across China

  • Poverty alleviation program goes online

  • One-yuan public transport helps Henan county out of poverty

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  • Poverty Incidence in Kenya Declined Significantly, but Unlikely to be Eradicated by 2030 Latest Issue: April 2018

  • A richer array of international poverty lines

  • Bangladesh continues to reduce poverty but at slower pace

  • Asia's workers will benefit from new technologies, but government action is also needed: ADB study